Design Styles Defined

Great design reflects your personality and your taste.

Design is more then meets the eye. It's the ultimate art form. The process of taking many elements within the design and understanding each one of them individually in order to create a larger "peice of art." Here are just a few design styles defined.....

Beach Bungalow

Easy going casualness with a coastal calm about it. Add a beach side flair with warm, sunny colors sand inspired textures.

California Chic

Clean lines with a contemporary, California flair that is chic yet comfortable and classic. Soothing colors combined in a unique way.

Coastal Cool

Seaside treasures with a peaceful, inviting, fresh, palette that lives and breathes inspiration from the sand, sun and sea and beacons barefoot comfort.

Country Cozy

For the nostalgic romantic, this style is a feminine expression of country living with soft details, dried flowers, traditional prints and meaningful details reminiscent of happy times.

Cottage Charmer

Cost conscious design with vintage fabrics and reclaimed furniture. Everything old becomes new, but not always in the same way. Add a fun, eclectic collection of creatively repurposed items that add charm and character.

Ethnic Elegance

A flair for worldly, bohemian chic with rich fabrics, unique textures, ethnic prints and Asian inspired details. Think romantically "Zen."

Easy Elegance

Casual yet comfortable, with fabulous textures, indirect lighting, well places candals and a bit of bling that adds an easy elegance to the space. Timeless finding luxury in the understated, refined and relaxed.

Global Spice

Bold, worldly, unique with an exotic, rich palette; Mediterranean coastal with handwoven textiles. Think oriental spice markets.

Livable Luxury

A grand and glorious focal point that offers a wow factor! Yet is so warm and welcoming you will want to jump right in and stay for a long while. All the time feeling pampered in a luxurious retreat.

Neutral Nuance

Understated, authentic neutrals combined with hints of color with a variety of texture as the main showcase.

Natural Harmony

A desire to get closer to nature characterizes this earthly theme, defined by use of exposed brick, stone, slate and an abundance of wood; furniture that is comfortable yet with tactile texture that adds warmth by emphasizing natural materials such as cork, raffia, and sisal.

Mountain Manner

Warm, inviting craftsman style with an abundance of refined woods, natural stone, clean lines with tactile appeal.

Romance & Roses

Beautiful, soft textures, sensuous curves, soft colors, with a suggestion of the boudoir is the inspiration for this style.

Refined Rustic

Timeless, natural, down-to-earth palette and mountain ranch appeal with a sense of Native American influence.

Southern Shores

A classic look with a bit of a nautical flair and feeling of boating around Capecod. A relaxed yet romantic feeling of freshness and the great outdoors.

Tropical Retreat

Timeless, casual elements such as a wooden table and sisal rug or flooring. Hints of an "aloha" attitude that calls for bare feet with sandy toes.

Understated Urban

Comfortable, fresh, minimalism with few details; think contemporary city life with a fun, retro hipness. Simplicity and clean lines that define an interior theme that offers a cool respite from a busy life.