Vacation Rentals & Restyled Retreats

Secondary Residences, and Vacation Homes and Get-Aways

Creating the most harmonious interiors is often inspired by the natural beauty, colors and textures found in the surrounding environment and is very influencial in our designs. Whether it's the allure of the high seas and enchantment of the crystal blue coast line or the rustic and often rugged elegance of a mountain landscape, collaborating indoor and outdoor living spaces for a cohesive blend offers families and guests a welcomed retreat experience.

Vacation Rental Re-dos

Having owned and managed 3 vacation rental properties ourselves, and re-designing countless others, we understand the importance of creating warm, welcoming environments. Guests are looking for unique getaways which offer an inviting space for rest and rejuvenation which replenishes themselves and their families. It's vitally important to design rooms and spaces which offer a memorable as well as enjoyable experience. In such a competitive market, how does your property compare to others in your area?

Staged to Rent

Professionally staged and styled homes rent much more often than non-staged homes do. Marketing experts indicate that professionally staged homes rent 30 to 50% more often in most areas. This is important, because staged homes lend them selves to quality photos which will make or break your vacation rental success. When you recall the idea that a picture speaks a 1000 words, well in this industry, with most bookings taking place on-line, pictures, photos and videos are all you have to grab your guest's attention. Afterall, its not like they will get a chance a take a tour prior to signing on to rent. 

Property managers are far more likely to accept properties which are staged, attractive and well appointed. These are the homes they can confidently promote and book out, knowing they present well and client satisfaction will be high.

Strategic Shopping Service

We've been personal shopping for over 30 years now. We’ll use this experience and expertise to search the market for your ideal vacation home furnishings at the best possible price. We will provide you with a recommended inventory list based on the number of guests your home can accommodate and that aligns with rental industry standards; Check lists which will support the set-up and stocking of your home for your pleasure as well as that of your guests. Amenities such as linens, kitchen equipment, entertainment and media choices, are all important elements to consider before you open your home to others.

Green Staging and Design

Creating sustainability it not always about how much you have, but more about what you do with what you already have. As an interior stylist and redesigner, we respect the 3-R’s...reduce, reuse, recycle or repurpose, redesign, re-upholster...especially for second homes. With a little creativity, your vacation home can be designed with thought and resourcefulness that will fit your budget and appeal to your demographic market. 

We will shop in your house, garage and closets first for the just the right design elements. We often repurpose, repaint or reupholster before we replace, making the most of what you may already own. Searching consignment and resale shops, saves you money and supports our environment. We recommend VOC paints when ever possible and partner with eco-friendly companies.