Interior Restyling Services

Life is a balancing act - work, kids, partners, and pets. Your home, ideally a haven for you and your family, is the center of your balancing act. There is nothing more vital to your sense of home than the ability to handle the myriad of responsibilities and personalities that make up your life. Working towards that sense of peace and balance is motivating, exciting and oh so rewarding. One of the most important qualities about your home is that you feel comfortable living there. Because no matter what kind of design or style surrounds you, your home won’t feel like home unless it appeals to you in ways that matter to your soul. The overall goal is to discover what supports your dreams and visions of an ideal living space and then design a space that supports this. Deciding what speaks to you, what appeals to you, and what gives you pleasure is the first step in creating any space. Here are just a few services V we offer to support you in this process:

Room by Room Revival and Restyling

Does your home need an all new fresh look? Enjoy instant gratification from quick changes with our “Room Revival” program. Any room can go from ordinary to extraordinary in a short time and on an affordable budget. Simply rearranging furniture and adding accessories can revitalize a room giving it a whole new attitude or feel. We only sell our time and expertise (service) not marked-up products. In fact, often times we pass on our discounts to our clients. We’ll manage your project from start to finish, shopping for new items and dealing with sub-contractors or coach you to do it yourself.

"To me beauty is a collaboration of many elements. Visual beauty is a powerful factor. But having a positive attitude,  great personal style, nurturing your body, loving and being loved and surrounding yourself with the things you love go hand in hand with creating your own beauty."

Space Planning – The Art of Placement

Every room can feel inviting and welcoming. Through the art of placement and thoughtful positioning of furniture, you can change the way your rooms feel or function. Restyled Rentals and Retreats will assist you to create a more unified or intimate feeling in a room; add conversation areas; expand the apparent size of a space or simply add visual excitement. 

Color Coaching

By far, paint is the fastest and least expensive way to transform any room. Color does not cost any more then say a basic neutral but can instantly change the look and mood of a room. If selecting a palette of colors is a daunting task, allow us to assist you to do so room by room or for the entire house. We’ll steer you away from time and money consuming mistakes and toward fabulous colors you’ll enjoy for years to come.

"Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand differet ways." Oscar Wilde


Real Estate Staging

There are many benefits to our staging services. Professionally staged homes give off a more positive 1st impression, sell 30-50% faster and easily increase the perceived value of a seller’s home. The better a home shows, the more that it will appraise for and ultimately sell for. Staged homes also give off a more well maintained look and a ready-to-move-in feel to potential buyers who may not be able to visualize the homes potential. Agents prefer to show attractive homes to their clients and are more inspired to produce attractive, promotional materials with beautifully staged homes. This gives the seller a competitive edge over other homes on the market.

Strategic Shopping Service



We understand how daughting shopping for just the right items can be. So many choices, so little time. Even if you have a clear vision and know what you want, If you are unfamiliar with your local design market, it can be difficult to figure out where to go to get what you have in mind and afair price.  We’ve been personal shopping for clients for over 30 years. We’ll use this experience and expertise to search the market for just the right home furnishings at the best possible price saving you time and money with a more optimum end result.


Weekend Wonders and Do-it-Yourselfers 

Some times professional guidance is all that is needed to jump start a project. So for those who prefer a more If you If you prefer a hands-on approach, and are the do-it-yourself type, we will coach you with a detailed approach and strategic game plan for you to implement as your time and budget allows. Doing so will save you time, frustration, and money. With added confidence you can accomplish a project without making costly mistakes. This is an ideal plan for the cost conscious home owner who prefers to space out their interior styling projects.


Green Staging and Design

As a redesigner, we respect the 3-R’s...reduce, reuse, recycle or resourceful, repurpose, redesign, re-uphostered...We will shop in your house, garage and closets first for the just the right design elements. We often repurpose, repaint or reuphoster before we replace, making the most of what you may already own. Searching consignment and resale shops, saves you money and supports our environment. We recommend VOC paints when ever possible and partner with eco-friendly companies.